Selvedge Artisan Summer

Craft Editions visited the Selvedge Artisan Summer at St Augustine’s Church Hall on 21st May 2016. Selvedge “is a magazine that acknowledges the significance of textiles as part of everyone’s story”. Here are 5 exhibitors from the fair that stood out to us for their handmade craftsmanship and design.

annaloom - annaloom was set up and is run by Anna-Louise Meynell. Anna-Louise is a woven textiles consultant working with a range of organisations in Laos, Cambodia and India and all the textiles she designs are hand woven by traditional artisans. As well as being a consultant Anna-Louise is a hand weaver. Find out more about annaloom here.

Linda Bloomfield - Linda is a potter based in Hammersmith, London. She designs and makes tableware based on her thrown porcelain, with dimples and visible throwing lines. Linda’s background is in science and she describes how she likes the technical side of pottery, including making her own glazes. Linda has written several books on glaze and also teaches about colour in glaze. Find out more about Linda Bloomfield here.

TAMAY & ME - At the Selvedge Summer Fair I met Hannah Cowie, who told me about TAMAY & ME. Hannah was taught by Tamay how to make Red Dzao embroidery in 2008, sitting together for 3 months just to make one tiny, but immensely intricate piece of embroidery. The two became friends and through making and selling beautiful jackets they aim to raise awareness of the Red Dzao’s exceptional embroidery skills and to provide employment in local communities. Find out more about TAMAY & ME here

The Far East Art Studio - The Far East Art Studio produces a range of immensely colourful handwoven textiles from India. Everything that the brand sells is produced on handlooms and sometimes very basic pitlooms. Raj from The Far East Art Studio explained to me how her mother runs a community outreach project in Jaipur to produce and supply the fabrics, which include sarees. Find out more about The Far East Art Studio here.

Batterbury - Batterbury brought to Selvedge Artisan Summer their range of beautiful silk Ikat cushions. These are made using hand woven Ikat, sourced from remote areas of Central Asia and Uzbekistan. The designs are ancient textile designs, which are a mix of brilliant colours and rich patterns. Find out more about Batterbury here.

All images by Craft Editions.

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