Pulse London

Craft Editions will be visiting a wide range of craft and design shows throughout the year and will bring you our Craft Edit of each. Our most recent visit was to Pulse at London’s Olympia on 17th May 2016, where there were lots of interesting homewares and lifestyle brands on show. Here are 5 that stood out to us for their handmade craftsmanship and design.

Rowenna Mason - Rowenna is an award winning hand weaver, creating a distinctive range of products, most notably cushions.  She takes inspiration from London’s dynamic city environment and each piece incorporates colours, geometric patterns or structures from the city.  Rowenna’s monochrome cushion collection uses undyed British wool. Find out more about Rowenna Mason here.

Josefin Landalv - Josefin is a Swedish weaver and textile designer who draws inspiration from her Scandanavian heritage. She is particularly interested in ensuring that the materials and processes in her production are as environmentally sustainable as possible. She brought to Pulse her striking range of lampshades, hand-woven from paper. Find out more about Josefin Landalv here.

Sevak Zargarian - Sevak is a ceramic designer with a passion for material exploration. He focuses on process, investigating different surface finishes and making techniques, to make beautiful objects for the home. Of particular interest are his beautiful grogged porcelain vessels. Find out more about Sevak Zargarian here.

Rosie Brewer - Rosie is a designer-maker specialising in woodwork. Her parents owned a sawmill and she says that growing up with the smell of wood most likely influenced her choice of craft. Her products include boards and a wonderful variety of spoons made from a range of different types of wood. Find out more about Rosie Brewer here.

Melina Xenaki - Melina is a ceramicist and makes a range of products for the home, including beautiful porcelain vessels. She is detailed in her approach, making her own porcelain slip and mixing her own glazes. Melina draws inspiration from her love for the traditional villages of the Greek islands and their beautiful architectural elements. Find out more about Melina Xenaki here.

All images by Craft Editions.

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