Arran Street East - Inspiration from the heart of Dublin

Arran Street East is located in and takes its name from a street in Dublin, just to the north of the city. The studio is next to Dublin’s bustling Fruit and Vegetable Market, which acts as inspiration for the glazing and naming of the products in the range – cabbage, potato, parsnip, lemon, pomegranate and pink grapefruit.

Craft Editions recently visited the Arran Street East studio and met with Sheenagh Green and Patrick Glavey. Both are young ceramicists who work together to throw, glaze and fire the wonderful variety of mugs, cups and jugs that form the current range of products. These were on show at the front of the studio in what was a vibrant and immensely colourful display. During our visit Patrick was at work making one of the Arran Street East jugs. As the jug took shape under Patrick’s skilful touch, it adopted a simple yet architectural shape. Ultimately each piece has up to 13 processes and can take 4 days to make. Sheenagh showed me around the studio and shared the story behind Arran Street East. Her focus in the studio is mixing the glazes to get the right colours, then glazing and firing the pots in two kilns at the rear of the studio. The studio, like the Arran Street range, is ordered and precise.

Arran Street East was set up and is run by Laura Magahy, who was inspired to make pots after a trip to Schull, Co. Cork some years ago. Laura has an extensive background in design, which is evident in the attention to detail that characterises the Arran Street East brand - the distinctive tessellating shapes of the products, the design of the studio which takes its cues from the Fruit and Vegetable Market and the beautifully designed packaging that stands out for its simplicity and style. Products are even packed using straw rather than bubble wrap, a practice historically associated with the packaging of fruit and vegetables at the market. Previously Laura was Chairman of the Design and Craft Council of Ireland for 5 years from 2010, as well as Executive Chairman of Irish Design 2015 and so her connection to Irish design and craft is deep and multi-layered.

The hand thrown stoneware pottery range are the first products made under the Arran Street East brand. There are plans to develop into other homeware categories - textiles and wood are mentioned. As the studio currently only occupies the ground floor of the three floor Arran Street East building there would appear to be lots of room for expansion.

Thanks to Sheenagh Green and Patrick Glavey for sharing the story of Arran Street East.

Find out more about Arran Street East here.

All images by Craft Editions.

Brian Waring